Physical to Digital transformation: Brand Identity

Christie’s vision is to be the global leader in providing high quality audiovisual display technology, in very innovative ways, while sharing the customers ‘experiences. Therefore, the company has improved its website to show the firm’s technological capabilities. You will notice visiting the company’s web portal a high level of pictures and graphics which are as detailed and engaging, consistent throughout the entire site.  Prospective clients should now feel at ease while enjoying sharp and detailed display of the Christie’s brands of audiovisual equipment.  Browsing through the various products and services offered is not complicated, requiring a minimum knowledge of the industry. Through the bench marking of competitors and feedback from users, Christie has made good on its goal to;

  1. Enhance the existing mission and vision statements to better reflect customer engagement.
  2. Increase Christie’s vendor and third party seller product knowledge
  3. Increase Christie’s end user brand recognition

We hope our current and future customers recognize these enhancements that have been made to improve our brand’s identity.



Website Wow Factor!


From the moment you open Christie’s website, you are immediately captivated by the level of detail and quality of the images and interactive content. This is one of the ways in which Christie demonstrates to both its existing and potential customers the high quality products and services of any size it can provide.

Christie has worked with some of the most well known businesses and organizations around the world including the Beijing and Vancouver Olympics, NASA and Airbus among many others. They’ve also created a number of world famous video walls in Times Square and elsewhere on both large and small scales.

Going forward, Christie will continue to enhance its website with new technological advancements in the audio visual space. This will enable Christie to maintain its spot at the cutting age of this industry. While continuing to upgrade its website, Christie will leverage its impressive client list to attract new business.

For examples of Christie’s audio visual capabilities and just to simply be “wowed”, please click the link below to be taken to Christie’s You Tube page. (Due to limitations in WordPress, we are unable to add videos to the site)




Which Projector is Right for You?

With so many choices, how do you know which projector is right for your business? 

Whether you need a projector for a small meeting room, or a very bright projector for a large auditorium, Christie can help. 

The new Christie Projector Selector tool allows you to include information about your project, including room size, how often the projector will be used, and whether you need supporting audio equipment.  You can also include more specific information such as screen size, whether you prefer a lamp-based or lamp-less solution and whether the projector will be permanently installed or moved from location to location.

Check out this new tool, and let Christie help you share great visual experiences.

Christie: The Audio/Visual Technologies Leader



                                               WELCOME TO CHRISTIE

Our history begins in 1929 with our goal to provide the best brand of audio-visual equipment to satisfy the needs of the global community.  Our passion has inspired us to manufacture the best  and win the trust and collaboration of the community.

Christie has earned high corporate recognition and over 80 Industry Awards.  In 2009, we won the prestigious title of Manufacturer of the year, as voted by the International Cinema Technology Association.

We mainly specialize in creating visual, audio, and collaboration solutions for clients in business, entertainment and industrials sectors as we offer 3D Advanced Visualization products such as:

  • 3D Stereoscopic Projectors and Image Processors,
  • Quad HD Discrete LCD Flat Panels,
  • Products for Business and Large Screens Applications,
  • LCD Panels, Presentation and Collaboration Systems,
  • Image Processors and Routers,
  • Digital Cinema Products,
  • Digital Cinema Projectors and Audio Speakers,
  • Digital Cinema Audio Amplifiers,
  • Integrated Media Blocks,
  • Theater Management Systems, and Cinema Lamps,
  • Digital Signage Displays Solutions
  • Medical Imaging

Our company branches extend in many geographic regions of the world with over 1,500 professionals engaged to give their best to our loyal customers 24/7, while pledging to never let any customer down by providing the best technical solutions possible through Christie online, web email or live landline at your convenience.

Christie is proud to serve audiovisual needs anytime or anyplace.

Christie invites its loyal customers and the public in general, to participate in the company’s new digital-physical revolution aiming to:

  1. Better satisfied the customers’ needs
  2. Sustain the product attractiveness
  3. Moving the audio/visual technologies to higher technical ground