Website Wow Factor!


From the moment you open Christie’s website, you are immediately captivated by the level of detail and quality of the images and interactive content. This is one of the ways in which Christie demonstrates to both its existing and potential customers the high quality products and services of any size it can provide.

Christie has worked with some of the most well known businesses and organizations around the world including the Beijing and Vancouver Olympics, NASA and Airbus among many others. They’ve also created a number of world famous video walls in Times Square and elsewhere on both large and small scales.

Going forward, Christie will continue to enhance its website with new technological advancements in the audio visual space. This will enable Christie to maintain its spot at the cutting age of this industry. While continuing to upgrade its website, Christie will leverage its impressive client list to attract new business.

For examples of Christie’s audio visual capabilities and just to simply be “wowed”, please click the link below to be taken to Christie’s You Tube page. (Due to limitations in WordPress, we are unable to add videos to the site)




Author: AD 648 - Group 1 / Team C

Digital-Physical Repositioning of Christie

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