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            In business since 1929, Christie’s worldwide headquarters are located just outside of Los Angeles in Cypress, California.  The company, located close to Hollywood, initially focused on providing power supplies for film projectors.  Recognizing that the future lay in developing complete solutions, the company expanded to the design, development and manufacturing of film projectors.  Christie’s business grew, ultimately capturing 33% of the global market for film projectors, and was recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with two Oscars for Scientific and Technical Achievement. 

            In the mid 1990’s, the film and visual display industries were transitioning from analog to digital formats.  Capitalizing on the growth in digital technologies, Christie initiated the transformation of its film (analog) business into a digital one.  In 1999, it acquired Canadian firm Electrohome, which had been developing digital projectors.  The marriage of the two companies resulted in a new entity – Christie Digital Systems – which provides visual and audio solutions for entertainment, education, government, business and industry. Today, Christie delivers the broadest range of audio/visual equipment, all designed to help customers share the world’s best experiences.