Physical to Digital transformation: Brand Identity

Christie’s vision is to be the global leader in providing high quality audiovisual display technology, in very innovative ways, while sharing the customers ‘experiences. Therefore, the company has improved its website to show the firm’s technological capabilities. You will notice visiting the company’s web portal a high level of pictures and graphics which are as detailed and engaging, consistent throughout the entire site.  Prospective clients should now feel at ease while enjoying sharp and detailed display of the Christie’s brands of audiovisual equipment.  Browsing through the various products and services offered is not complicated, requiring a minimum knowledge of the industry. Through the bench marking of competitors and feedback from users, Christie has made good on its goal to;

  1. Enhance the existing mission and vision statements to better reflect customer engagement.
  2. Increase Christie’s vendor and third party seller product knowledge
  3. Increase Christie’s end user brand recognition

We hope our current and future customers recognize these enhancements that have been made to improve our brand’s identity.